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Tracy I’m Tracy and I’m so excited that you stopped by today!

Nest Full of New is a space created to allow exploration of new experiences and to share and learn with friends.  Here you’ll find everything from recipes (new-to-me and tried-and-true) to excursions and travel to products that may enhance your life. The issues that I’m passionate about, like diabetes and learning about healthier living, will find a place in the nest, too.  I’d like to learn more about a sustainable lifestyle, aka “living like our grandparents did.” I’m also fairly crafty and have Pinterest boards full of stuff waiting for me to try!

How the nest was built…

My Angel Baby

I started building this wonderful nest in New Orleans where my beautiful daughter was born.  She and I now live just outside of Atlanta, Georgia with my hubby, two sassy cats and a silly dachshund. Dear daughter kept us busy for years with Girl Scouts, band, drama, and all the other things that seem to consume every waking moment when you have children.  We were always on the go and always had someplace we had to be – often requiring that we be in two places at once.

Then suddenly, out of the blue, it happened…she abandoned me left for college. At first it was so hard not seeing her every day. I could actually hear the silence in the house and felt the “empty” part of “empty nest.” I felt proud and crushed at the  same time.  Sort of like this.


 (thank you Cathy Heck!)

I know…the drama, right? In the rational part of my brain, I knew she’d be fine and could actually function without me. This stuff really isn’t for the faint of heart. All the emotional mommy stuff aside, I instantly had so much free time to fill.  That’s where the refilling of this nest begins.

A little about me – the chief architect, builder and engineer of the nest…

I’m 47-years-old and creeping ever closer to 50. This is typically the year that many use as the deadline for attaining a variety of goals or crossing off bucket list items.  I haven’t established any of these, yet.  Maybe this blog with help me identify some things I want to do with my life. Is that something that everyone does? I mean, really officially like that?  We’ll work on that.

I’m a bit of an introvert who is outgoing once comfortable, a procrastinator, and I play on a pretty competitive trivia team (read “cutthroat.”) I have probably eaten more Cheetos in my life than one should ever admit (you didn’t hear that from me)…often while watching my favorite guilty pleasure shows – GLEE, The Amazing Race and So You Think You Can Dance.  I’m also a big fan of the Food Network, except the secret diner/stakeout shows. Some of my very favorite things are coffee, Bon Jovi, fruit as fresh as it can be, mason jars, musicals, vintage measuring cups and spoons, college football (Geaux Tigers!) anything coconut, Crocs and board games.  My favorite flowers are carnations, gardenias, wisteria and hydrangeas.  I am a little obsessed with food trucks right now. I consider myself to be a pretty darn good couponer, born out of the need to save money when DD went to college.

Grand CanyonThe most beautiful place I have ever been is probably the Grand Canyon – there are no words for its overwhelming awesomeness.  I haven’t been out of the country, but DD and I are planning a trip to Europe next Spring!  I hope to add to my list of beautiful places at that time. Hey, there ya go!  My first goal. See more beautiful things. But not just before I turn 50. I will strive to find beauty the rest of my life. OK, that makes me happy.

My family is extremely important to me and, though we’re spread out from Texas to Georgia, we still get together several times a year at Mom and Dad’s house in New Orleans. 

billMy husband’s name is Bill and he’s an unapologetic New Yorker who thinks I’m Miss America.  We met in Atlanta in 1999 and married in 2002 before God and our nearest and dearest.  He’s always involved in my shenanigans, whether willing or not, and does it because it makes me happy. He recently indulged my desire to repurpose everything by salvaging old tabletops and some perfect pallets from a restaurant remodel without one complaint (ok, maybe one…) It’s also handy that he’s tall and strong.  He is a true savant when it comes to sports and retaining every bit of sports trivia.  I wish sometimes, that he’d empty out a few pieces of that information from his brain and replace them with, oh I don’t know, maybe where the mixing bowls go or how to cook something besides pasta and scrambled eggs. Love him!

Why am I blogging about this stuff?

By day, and often by night, I’m a grant writer for our local school system.  It’s a very formal, technical writing style that is bound by an infinite number of rules and parameters, both written and unwritten.  I spend a crazy amount of time checking and double checking margins, numbers of pages, font size, and line spacing, in addition to the accuracy and completeness of the content. I love grant writing, but I also want to indulge my inner freestylin’ chick and write what I want, the way I want to. (I would never end a sentence with the word “to” in a grant application, for example.)

me 4

Another reason for the Nest Full of New blog is to capture and slightly organize my exploration and discovering what kinds of new things I want to add to my life.  It may be that the journey itself if the filler…hmmm. It will also help me to share it with friends and get some feedback and new ideas.

Finally, I began guest blogging for my sister-in-law on www.whatmommiesneed.com  in January of 2012. I enjoyed the work I did for Renee and was invited to attend the annual Reviewer’s Retreat in June. I became so inspired and motivated that Nest Full of New was hatched in July. I fully expect blogging to be a gift of confidence and creativity, and hope it will connect me to a community of friends who inspire and encourage me on a daily basis.

The best ways to connect with me are through the comments on my blog posts; I do my best to respond to each and every one.  You can reach me by email at nestfullofnew@gmail.com or follow along with me on  Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Thanks again for stopping by and I look forward to getting to know you, too!

Visiting from a brand? I enjoy doing product and travel reviews and would love to chat! Please connect at nestfullofnew@gmail.com.