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Walmart #Snackation at the Dog Park

WalMart #Snackation at the Dog Park 1Flash always knows when something’s going on. As a dachshund, he has that hound dog thing that tells him that we aren’t moving about the house in our normal routine. He starts off curious and just follows one of us around. Then, when he suspects that he might be involved in the activities, he begins to get excited.  (For Flash, excited means whiny and concerned that he’ll miss it if he isn’t underfoot at all times.) The final stage comes when someone merely glances at his leash and it’s suddenly a dog that’s lost his mind because he gets to ride in the car.  So much barking and crazy pirouettes that you just can’t help but laugh at him!

What Flash doesn’t know is that he’ll have to endure a trip to the vet before we get to the fun stuff – the Dog Park!  It’s just for his annual vaccinations, but on a Saturday morning, it takes a long,  long time at the vet’s office. Luckily, we’ve planned ahead for this day and packed a cooler with water and snacks from Wal-Mart and Smuckers.

There’s a fast food place right up the street and several along the way to park, but they don’t always have healthy choices and we really don’t need to spend a lot of extra money. With our Jif To Go Dippers snacks and Uncrustables, we’re good to go for our little daycation with the dog.

Poor little Flash. Once we finally made it to the exam room, he was poked, prodded, squeezed and stuck. He was so happy to eventually make his escape and so were we. Everyone hopped back in the car and we headed for the park. It’s a beautiful day!WalMart #Snackation at the Dog Park

When we arrived, we were happy to see that we would be the only ones on the “small dog” side of the park. The other side was full of giant dogs, but we pretty much had the run of the place.  Flash made a beeline for the random tennis balls that people leave there and the game was on.  We’d toss the ball, Flash would run halfway then look back at us and sit down. Bill fetched the ball instead. Throw, run, look, sit. He was more interested in sunbathing than playing!

WalMart #Snackation at the Dog Park 3

We stopped for a snack and laid out our mini-picnic. Flash and I had a few apples – some dipped in Jif Whips Creamy Peanut Butter and Salty Caramel flavor. Seriously? This is one of my favorite flavors and Jif Whips is heavenly!  This spread will be amazing on bananas, bagels, peaches, graham crackers, on s’mores…the possibilities are endless with smooth and fluffy Jif Whipped Peanut Butter Spreads.

WalMart #Snackation at the Dog Park Jif Whips

Jif To Go Dippers are the all-in-one snack made to go wherever the day might take you! Dip into the perfect portion of real, fresh-roasted Jif peanut butter with crunchy pretzels for a convenient snack anytime, anywhere.  These beauties come in a Chocolate Silk flavor, too.

WalMart #Snackation at the Dog Park Jif To Go

Who doesn’t love peanut butter and jelly, especially with no crust? Even though we love all the varieties, we grabbed some peanut butter and grape jelly Uncrustables for today. (Have you tried the chocolate flavored hazelnut spread, yet?) I love that they’re always ready to go wherever the day takes us. Uncrustables make us unstoppable!

WalMart #Snackation at the Dog Park 2

We ran around the park a little while longer before calling it a day. Back in the car, Flash slept on the backseat all the way home…a wiped out pooch!  These yummy snacks are incredibly convenient and travel so well.  Having our own healthy and delicious snacks made our day so much easier and enjoyable.  Summer is almost over, but we can head to Wal-Mart for another #Snackation anytime!

Want some awesome tips and recipe ideas for your snackation?  Check out the Snackation website.

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