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Wal-Mart is Your #Snackation Destination!

Smuckers at Wal-Mart

Life is a real whirlwind sometimes. OK, not sometimes…a lot of the time! Take this Saturday, for example. Our day will start off at the vet getting Flash his annual vaccinations. Many of you know Flash already. He’s our dachshund who often has other ideas when it comes to things like bath time and bedtime. He’s perfectly fine with playtime and mealtime, though!  He’s lucky he’s so cute.  Look at this face.


So, Flash needs his shots, then we’re taking him with us to the park and we’ll all have a chance to play. Since I was recently asked by The J.M. Smucker Company to create some unique tips for a daycation using their products and I though this would be a great opportunity and wanted to share with you how things are going so far.  I was compensated for my time to create this post,  but all views and opinions are my own.

It’s super hot here the South, so I always try to bring a small ice chest in the car with bottled water. A great tip for this day is to freeze some water balloons and use them to keep things chilled. By the end of the day, they will have melted and then you can refreeze them for next time or have a water balloon battle with them!

water balloons

For this staycation day, I plan to bring some snacks, too. I don’t want to rely on a drive-through line to keep us going all day. Luckily, I found some great stuff this morning (yes, it was yet another day of errands!) Smuckers is so clever with flavors and convenience that I got everything we need in one place – Wal-Mart, my Snackation Destination!  First, I grabbed a family favorite – Uncrustables.  Even my mother loves these and now Smuckers makes them with hazelnut spread! Super simple and always yummy. I’ll toss a few of these into our cooler for the day. Smuckers Uncrustables

Next, for a quick snack and energy, Jif  To Go Dippers are the perfect answer to grab-and-go.  These are a great little package of peanut butter and pretzels that are convenient and portable. We’ll bring these into the dog park to munch on while Flash plays. You know, he might like a little dab of peanut butter, too!

Smuckers for Snacks

Finally, we picked out a container of Jif Whips Salty Caramel (how yummy does that sound?!) and a few apples and bananas. This will be our first time trying this one and we’re excited about it. Hope it makes it until next weekend!

Jif Whips

Snacks on the go don’t have to be complicated. Whether you are on vacation, a staycation, daycation or just planning a fun filled day at the park, don’t forget the snacks! Stop by Walmart, your “SNACKATION” destination, to stock up on go-to summer snack solutions. Be sure to check back to see how our fun day at the park went! We’ll be sure to get lots of pictures of the fun and share some of our snack ideas!