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Vegetable Garden Basics for Containers, Raised Beds and Plots

I created a raised be in my yard last year and also had a few buckets with tomatoes and peppers set up next to it.  Things went pretty well and I’m encouraged to try again this year.  I found that adding marigolds to the borders really kept the mosquitoes and other pests away from my little crop.  And they looked so pretty!

garden August

I’m never sure what to plant in what conditions, and certainly don’t have a  lot of time to “google” all that I need to know to grow a bounty of fresh veggies and herbs in my garden.  Are you like me and looking to start a garden this spring but not sure where to begin?  Fix.com helps with some vegetable garden basics and guidelines. Whether you’re setting up a garden that fills your entire yard or just a couple pots on your balcony—here are the tips you’ll need to make sure your garden thrives.

Did you know rhubarb is a no-no for container gardens? So is asparagus.  Learn about which plants are best suited for the garden you’re looking to grow as well as tips on how to construct, fill and care for your garden. All in one place…no googling at all.

Simple Vegetable Gardening Basics for Every Size Garden