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Try the World – Marrakesh

When you mention Morocco, most people think Casablanca.  The fact is, there is so much more to Morocco and I was lucky enough to grab a little piece of it with this beautiful Try the World box. Indulge in exotic Moroccan foods and feast on a variety of vibrant spices with this box of treasures – you’ll feel like you’re haggling at a local market amid the snake charmers, henna artists and fortune tellers.

With each box, Try the World sends you a rich variety of culinary treats from all over the world. The Marrakesh box is $39.00 and contains 6 to 9 Moroccan delicacies curated by a local expert.   Try the World sends a new box every two months.  Be sure to check out the coupon code for 30% off your first box at the end!

Try the World - Marrakesh products

What’s in the box? Every 2 months Try The World’s team of travelers and local experts curates a collection of products that best represent each country. In your box you will find not only a some of the most delicious gourmet finds but also a companion on the history of the products and how to use them.  Not just food, but  founders Kat and David also believe “The two essential ways to discover new cultures are through food and art”.  In addition to food, there will also be “culture gems” such as a music play list, a list of top local films or a poem.

When do boxes ship?  Your first box will arrive no later than 4 weeks after you order.  When you receive your first box, your next box will arrive 60 days later.

Website:  http://trytheworld.com/

In the Marrakesh box, there was a culture guide that shared information about Moroccan food, a music playlist, and Moroccan movies.  You can make a Moroccan meal, put on a good song and almost believe you’re right there!

There was a list of classic and contemporary songs there were several different Moroccan recipes.  Try the World included recipes for Macaroons. Marrakesh Stew, and B’stilla.

What came in the Marrakesh box?

Try the World - Marrakesh

Mediterranean Gourmet Harissa Sauce:  This sauce is flavored with red chili pepper, garlic, olive oil, salt and cumin.  You can use the Harissa in quinoa and couscous, or just use it as a condiment. Spicy!

Try the World - Harissa

Mustapha’s Mediterranean Lemon Confit:  These are sweet Beldi lemons have a tangy taste, and can be used on meat or with a dessert. This one was my favorite!

Try the World - Preserved Lemons

Villa Jerada Kefta Rub:  This rub smells amazing and is made with cumin, paprika, morita pepper, mint, coriander, cilantro and cinnamon.  You can add this to eggs,  or various meats (beef, lamb or chicken) to make tasty meatballs.  This has an amazing smell and was delicious on a grilled tri-tip steak.  We even sprinkled some on our baked potatoes.

Try the  - Kefta Rub


Mediterranean Gourmet Ras-el-hanout blend: This spice blend contains rosebuds, coriander, cinnamon and fennel.  You can use this spice blend as a rub on meat, or can flavor rice, or couscous.  A beautiful smell, the cinnamon adds a nice warm taste to the spice blend. I enjoy just opening this one for a whiff of these fabulous spices.

Try the World - Spice Blend


 Sulton Sardine in Oil:  Did you know that Morroco is the largest exporter of canned sardines?  These sardines can be used to garnish pasta or other recipes.  My sister and brother-in-law loves sardines, and were happy to see these.  They ate them straight from the can and looked for more!

Try the World - Sardines


Dip & Scoop Culinary Argan Oil: I was unfamiliar with Argan Oil, but have learned that Dip&Scoop has gathered the highest quality kernels that only grow in a UNESCO protected reserve in Morocco to craft this delicate and all-natural Culinary Argan Oil. It is one of the healthiest and rarest oils in the world that has been used for centuries in Moroccan cooking and is now catching on globally. Argan Oil is a delicious, versatile, finishing oil with a toasted nutty aroma. It is also very versatile and useful for enhancing your favorite recipes from oatmeals in the morning, salads at lunch, or soups at dinner. It’s a way for the gourmet chef in all of us to explore the world creatively.Try the World - Culinary Argan Oil


Healthy – Argan oil is supremely healthy with three times the vitamin E found in olive oil and a rich and unique mix of antioxidants and fatty acids to keep you in good health.

Sustainable – Dip&Scoop sources its argan oil from all women-run cooperatives that empower women in rural Morocco by giving them a fair income, good working conditions, and educational classes. These women are now the primary bread winners, a first in a patriarchal society, and are now able to afford sending their children past primary school.

Here’s a yummy recipe that features Argan Oil:


Pumpkin, Carrot and Leek Soup
2 cups of pumpkin puree
1 head of garlic
2 leeks & 1 carrot & 1 small onion (chopped)
2 cups of chicken broth
1/2 cup of milk & 1/2 tbsp of cayenne pepper
1 tbsp of dill
2 tbsp of toasted pumpkin seeds
3 tbsp of olive oil & 3 tbsp argan oil
Heat olive oil and add leeks, onion, carrot and garlic, and sauté until they start to brown. Reduce heat to medium low.
Add pumpkin puree and stir for 30 seconds and add 1 cup of chicken broth. Mix with a blender until smooth. Gradually add the rest of the broth and the milk until you reach a consistency you like.
Season with cayenne pepper and salt. Drizzle argan oil and garnish with crispy dill and toasted pumpkin seeds.



This was an amazing box and this absolutely one of my favorite subscription boxes.  The packaging was clever and beautiful and the extras made the whole experience so much richer!  If you sign up during April, you will get this box, but no matter where the Try the World journey takes us next, you’re guaranteed a culinary adventure right in your own kitchen.

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Try The World works with artisanal producers from around the world, and therefore each box may be a little bit different. All boxes have a curated assortment of delicious and authentic gourmet products of similar value. When opening your Try The World box, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover different local flavors than the ones I have received! The card included in your box will guide you through your culinary adventure.