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Traveling to New York-Where to Stay, Things to Do and Places to Eat #DailyDoseofDesign

Well, this is a very timely post. It’s the travel season, y’all! I’m out of town for two more days, but Adriana from Daily Dose of Design had kindly put together a wonderful guide for traveling to New York.  My daughter has visited, my husband is from Long Island, but I’ve never gone.  After seeing Adriana’s suggestions, I’m going to start planning a trip there, too (and Adriana, I’m coming to see you!)

As a New Yorker who lives 30 minutes from NYC, I love to go into the city every chance I get and let’s be honest – there is more to do in the Big Apple than you could ever wrap your head around! Since Tracy lives in Georgia (and possibly some of you readers, too, and elsewhere) I thought it would be a good idea to give you all some tips on traveling to NYC!

First of all, if you’re planning a trip to NYC – you’re going to have an amazing time! New York is known as the city that never sleeps and well, it’s true. There truly is never a quiet or dull moment in NYC, and I think that’s pretty much the pace that all New Yorkers live by, too.

Where to stay

Although I don’t live too far from the city streets, I’ve had my share of nights in NYC hotels and of course, the majority of hotels are SO expensive but there are some that are reasonable for NYC as well. And if there is a super expensive one, trust me you can almost always expect (and receive) a breathtaking view!

Hilton Times Square: The location of this hotel cannot be beat – and for me, I always look for hotel names that I’m familiar with! I’ve stayed here and the proximity to Times Square is perfect and so are the views!

Crown Plaza Times Square: The views of this Crown Plaza will seriously leave you speechless! The best part about Crown hotels is their reward system – they make it super easy to earn points back and such!

Andaz 5th Ave: After an amazing experience with the one in Maui, I’ve stayed here after learning that there was an Andaz in NYC, too! Also, Andaz is owned by Hyatt. If you’re planning on visiting famous Fifth Ave, consider staying here. It’s super close to all the stores, literally a block from Bryant Park, and also super close to the Empire State Building, the Theater District and Rockefeller Center!

Things to do

Okay, so there are WAY more attractions to go to and see in all of NYC than I could ever possibly list, but there are some things that you just can’t miss out on – especially if you’re visiting from far away and are only around for a short time!

Empire State Building: There is NO way you can come to NYC and not go to the top of the ESB! Day or night, the view from the top doesn’t compare to anything else! It will seriously leave you speechless, so make sure you leave time in your trip to experience it!

Rockefeller Center: Coming to the Rock is definitely best if you’re here during the winter/Christmas because the tree is breathtaking.IMG_1216Ice skating is iconic if you have time to wait on the crazy line, but any time of the year is an awesome experience as well since it’s such a staple attraction of NYC. I definitely recommend going to the Top of the Rock, seeing the gorgeous view and getting some awesome food. (I recommend Del Frisco’s Grille!) Also, consider seeing the Radio City Christmas Spectacular if you’re here in the winter months. My family and I go every year and it is so worth it – they change the show every other year and it’s such a fun time for all ages!


IMG_4861 (1)

Taping of ABC Studio shows: If you’re a daytime TV junkie like me and love ABC, then you’re in luck! Shows like The Chew, Good Morning America, Live with Kelly and Michael and The View are all taped with a live studio audience in NYC. I’ve been to tapings of these shows and it’s such a good time! (Hot tip – some shows like The View give free stuff away at almost every taping, too.) Tickets for all of the ABC shows are free of charge and as long as you have previously requested/received them, you’re good to go! I definitely recommend this for a morning that you’re in the city.

IMG_0300 (1)
Yankee Stadium: Well, I’m completely biased with this one since I am a HUGE NYY fan! But visiting Yankee Stadium is one of the best experiences you’ll ever have – even if you aren’t a huge baseball fan and don’t want to spend a lot on tickets, you can get bleacher seat tickets for as low as $10 at some games. Being in the stadium is an amazing experience!

Little Italy: Whether you’re Italian or not, Little Italy is a must! If you’re visiting in September, you’ll get to experience San Gennaro which is so much fun. There’s so much food and it’s basically one big street fair. But all throughout the year, Little Italy has amazing restaurants, shopping and more and is definitely worth a day trip.

Times Square: I’m pretty sure this is a given – as it’s probably the biggest tourist attraction throughout all of NYC, but do not miss out on Times Square! As many times as I’ve been there, I still take so many pictures every time I go. It’s truly a magical place – especially at night. While I don’t recommend venturing out into the madness of NYE in Times Square, any other night/day is SO worth it! The shopping, food and attractions are worth every bit of cramped and crowded street corner crossings.  I would recommend eating at Planet Hollywood or Hard Rock Café, and shopping at H&M, M&M World, Forever 21 and riding the Ferris wheel in Toys R Us. (yes, I’m 20 years old and yes, I still occasionally ride the Ferris Wheel!) Also, stop and take a chance to sit on the Red Steps. They’re a big tourist attraction (with millions of photos tagged #redsteps on Instagram) and are just a fun place if you need a few to rest your feet!


Fifth Avenue: It’s crazy to me to think of 5th as a tourist attraction because I do a lot of my shopping there, but it is such a site to see. My favorite part is walking past all the super high end stores like Henri Bendel and Cartier and drooling over the window displays (totally kidding – okay, not really but there are affordable stores, too)! Visit here after your lunch at the Top of the Rock.

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge: Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is so much fun – especially on a nice day! There are so many pedestrians walking and biking across it at all times and it makes for some gorgeous pictures.

Take a Circle Line Cruise: If you have time, I would definitely 100% recommend a Circle Line cruise. It allows you to see so many sites and allows for some pretty amazing cityscape shots! There are a ton of different routes these cruises take, so check out their website to see which seems most interesting to you. I recommend the “Best of NYC Cruise” – it’s 2 ½ hours and travels passed SO many landmarks!

Places to eat:

Just like listing attractions to see, I could never possibly name all the amazing restaurants in NYC, but there are a handful of eateries that cannot be beat and are a must-see when visiting!

Carmines: Hands down some of the best Italian food in NYC! This is my all-time favorite restaurant. There’s two locations; the Upper West Side and in the Theater District; both equally amazing. Carmine’s is my go-to restaurant for parties and such, or just a night out in NYC. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

Dylan’s Candy Bar: Oh my gosh, SUCH a must-do! Located on Third and 60th, Dylan’s has every yummy sweet imaginable! From ice cream to gummy bears to endless amounts of chocolate, they do not disappoint. It seems that Dylan’s is always growing into bigger and better things, too. Every time I go there I have a better experience.

Isabella’s: The first time I ate here, I became a little obsessed! The food and service is top notch and the best part – if it’s nice weather, you can eat outside at a sidewalk table. Make sure you try the artichokes alla romana appetizer – it’s to die for.

Here’s some more pictures from my various times in NYC, I hope my little travel guide is useful if you’re planning on a trip to New York!



Have you ever been to New York City? Where are your favorite places to visit and eat? Have any “do not miss” spots to share?


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