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Tips for Traveling With Your Pet [INFOGRAPHIC]

Tips for Traveling With Pets

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When we moved from New Orleans to Atlanta, we brought along a sweet, giant cat named Jade. Things were going just fine until my daughter and I stopped at a rest area and thought Jade might like to take a little walk, too.  He had on a collar, we had bought him a leash (don’t laugh) and he’d been in his carrier for several hours.  Well, my daughter put Jade on his leash for a walk and I went to the ladies room.  When I came out, I found her crying and holding a leash that no longer had a cat on it.  I instantly felt ill.  One can’t just leave a family pet on its own in the middle of Alabama, but the potential for recovering him easily seemed bleak.  Jade was nowhere in the immediate vicinity and I figured he would also be pretty mad.  I looked around to see if I could spot him cowering somewhere when I noticed a group of people around some bushes at the back of the rest stop.  Just as I approached the bushes to see what I already knew must be there, a very pregnant woman emerged holding my large, very scared Jade Man Fat Cat (his formal name) in her arms.  I gushed my appreciation while some of the others clapped, and whisked the big dummy back to a grinning daughter and the safety of his carrier.  Never again…

While we haven’t had to travel with a cat since then, we do take our wienie dog with us to New Orleans pretty often. He’s not the best traveler, he whines a lot – A LOT – but he does well on his leash when we stop.  However, unless I absolutely had to, I wouldn’t take him on a trip that involved hotels. He’s not that good at keeping his trap shut and we’d certainly be put out in the middle of the night.

Many people tend to leave their pets at home when traveling because it can be so frustrating. With a little planning, however, it can really be fun to bring the dog along on a road trip. Maybe you’re moving, too, and have no choice but to travel with your three cats, two parakeets and an iguana. I was really happy to find this information from Marriott that has lots of pet travel tips and tricks in one place. There may still be hope for Flash and his shenanigans!

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