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Visit Mardi Gras World in New Orleans– Where #MardiGras is Made!

Mardi Gras World
With Mardi Gras just a few days away, Carnival season is really getting into full swing now! (That’s right – Mardi Gras is several weeks long…not just one day. It begins on the 12th night after Christmas – or the Feast of the Epiphany – and continues until Mardi Gras Day/Fat Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday and Lent.) If you’re planning to head down to New Orleans to hit some parades, eat good food or to just ‘laissez les bon temps rouler’, don’t miss the opportunity to head down Tchoupitoulas Street to the end of the Riverwalk where the extraordinary sights of Mardi Gras World are housed.

Mardi Gras Costume

There are plenty of tours in New Orleans, but only one offers a real, behind-the-scenes look at Mardi Gras, and that happens at Mardi Gras World!  This magical place gives you an authentic Carnival experience all year round and shows you what it takes to bring Mardi Gras to life year after year. You’ll get to see firsthand the hard work and extensive planning that goes into this grand event.

Mardi Gras 3

Mardi Gras Harry Connick Jr.Since 1947, Blaine Kern Studios has built the breathtaking parade floats for major parades not only for Mardi Gras, but for parades all over the world. Mardi Gras World was housed on the West Bank of New Orleans, just across the Mississippi River from the French Quarter, for decades. We lived on the West Bank when I was younger and my dad used to be a member of a couple of Mardi Gras krewes. The krewes are the ones responsible for “putting on Mardi Gras,” not the city of New Orleans. Dad was a member of the Krewe of Alla and Harry Connick Jr.’s music-based Krewe of Orpheus. My daughter, who was born in New Orleans, grew up playing on Mardi Gras floats both inside the old warehouse and on abandoned floats along the levee. These days, Mardi Gras World resides in a spectacular location on the other side of the river and parades would be nothing without the fantastical floats that line the routes year after year. The hard work that goes into making these spectacles is what makes Mardi Gras in New Orleans the greatest show on Earth!

Mardi Gras Painting

The animated and knowledgeable tour guides take the mask off Mardi Gras with an all-access tour, winding through the massive studio where these magnificent floats are built from the ground up. You can learn about the history of this unique and festive tradition and get a real understanding of the Mardi Gras. The whole family will love the experience of touring the space where artisans create spectacular floats for over 40 parades each year.

Mardi Gras Plaster and Clay


Mardi Gras AirbrushThere are plenty of opportunities for photos in front of floats, with props, or wearing a traditional Mardi Gras costume on this New Orleans tour. This is an experience you will want to take full advantage of, so don’t forget to bring your camera! (That’s me in the jester piece below – with a Ninja Turtle over my shoulder!  You never know what you’ll find around here.)  Tours include a display of Mardi Gras costumes, a historic video and a free slice of King Cake.  Mardi Gras Face

Wandering through the magical float den is an exciting experience for kids and adults alike, so immerse yourself in the color, music, history and magic of Mardi Gras any day of the year.

Mardi Gras World

Mardi Gras World on Facebook

Mardi Gras 2

Plan ahead!

Want to catch Mardi Gras season in full force? Here are the dates that Fat Tuesday falls on for the next ten  years. Plan your trip during the ten days or so leading up to this day.  Don’t forget that Mardi Gras is city-wide, not just in the French Quarter and is very family-friendly (aside from Bourbon Street!)

2015: February 17

2016: February 9

2017: February 28

2018: February 13

2019: March 5

2020: February 25

2021: February 16

2022: March 1

2023: February 21

2024: February 13

2025: March 4

Mardi Gras 4


Stay Where You Want – STASH Your Reward Points! #NOLASTASH

New Orleans Hotel Collection

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links for Stash. All opinions are my own.

New Orleans is a vibrant melting pot of cultures that always inspires indulgence. New Orleans is where you go to eat, drink, listen to jazz, enjoy a parade, and forget your cares for a while and no matter how often you visit, it’s never the same trip twice. A city this unique should be experienced through immersion in it’s culture and history. You can find that in its beautiful boutique hotels – and those are found through Stash Hotel Rewards.  Stash includes over 200 independent hotels in 63 cities, including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Washington. The hotels include boutiques, spas and resorts and are all properties with ratings of three stars and above. Now you aren’t limited to earning rewards with big chains, with standard rooms that feel like standard rooms. You’re free to spend time in locations that allow you to experience your destination.

The Stash New Orleans Collection has some real beauties!

Hotel Mazarin

Hotel Mazarin - New Orleans Hotel Collection 2

Hotel Mazarin – New Orleans Collection

I’m so excited to be visiting New Orleans again in June. My family lives there, so we go frequently, but we don’t generally stay at a hotel.  This time though, we’re going to enjoy the Hotel Mazarin, right in the French Quarter and the iRetreat Conference hosted by the Double Duty Divas. (Stash Hotel Rewards has partnered with iRetreat and you can use IRETREATEARLYBIRD for 20% off your conference pass.) This year is the 5th anniversary of the iRetreat – a blogger conference for brands and influencers.

Hotel Mazarin - New Orleans Hotel Collection 1

Hotel Mazarin – New Orleans Collection

The Hotel Mazarin can be found in the Stash New Orleans Collection and features 102 brilliant and spacious rooms and the French Quarter’s most elegant courtyard with European style fountain as its centerpiece. Step outside and enjoy the jazz resonating in the streets and galleries and shops just a half block away on Royal Street. Bourbon Street is also just a half block away.  Connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!

Dauphine Orleans

Dauphne Orleans - New Orleans Hotel Collection

Dauphine Orleans – New Orleans Collection

Another jewel in the New Orleans Collection, the Dauphine Orleans is an unforgettable hotel in the heart of the famous French Quarter within 18th century townhouse walls. The Dauphine Orleans Hotel welcomes guests with personalized service in a unique setting. These historic buildings date back to the early nineteenth century. The Audubon breakfast room, for example, was the perfect setting for John James Audubon painted his Birds of America series from 1821-22 while residing at the Audubon Cottages. Visitors can take advantage of a quiet and relaxing stay at the Dauphine Orleans, while being within a short walk to the New Orleans streetcar lines, Bourbon Street and the Mississippi riverfront. The palm-filled French Quarter courtyard beckons you to relax in the shade or bask in the sun poolside at the saltwater pool.

Dauphne Orleans - New Orleans Hotel Collection 1

Dauphine Orleans – New Orleans Collection

Connect with the the Dauphine Orleans on Facebook and Twitter!

About Stash Hotel Rewards


This independent hotel points network awards five points for every dollar a customer spends. Points are earned immediately and do not expire. The system has no blackout periods or category restrictions, and travelers sign up free. Under the Stash Rewards system, each hotel sets the price for its room based on availability. A hotel in Florida, for example, would charge more for a room in the peak winter season than in the summer — and a guest member would have to cash in more points to secure a room during high seasons. It’s free to become a member and you get points to get you started just for signing up!

Learn more and connect with Stash on social media! You can visit the New Orleans Hotel Collection on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Pinterest  and Vimeo.

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