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Plan a Warm Winter Getaway This Year

The weather outside is frightful, but the warm winter getaway you are planning will surely be delightful. Instead of bundling up in oversized coats, gloves, and hats you can pack shorts and a bathing suit. Forget about slugging through slush and snow – this year you’ll be building sandcastles instead of snowmen and working on your tan. Here are some top destination picks for great warm winter getaways.



Photo by garrett parker

In Southern California, the weather is always perfect. It’s never too hot, and it is definitely never too cold. Build a sandcastle on one of the sprawling beaches, enjoy a relaxing game of golf, or spot celebrities in Los Angeles.


Photo by Toa Heftiba

Another destination vacation for a warm winter getaway that feels far away but is still United States soil is Hawaii. The last two weeks of December are said to be the prime time for a Hawaii vacation because while the weather everywhere else is cold and dreary, the weather in Hawaii is gorgeous as always.

Las Vegas

For a warm winter getaway you definitely will never forget, why not consider America’s adult playground. The weather in December and January is just about always warmer than most of the rest of the US, and you could never run out of things to do in Vegas.



Photo by Linh Nguyen

Not only can the Mediterranean be warm during the winter months, but airfare and lodging are typically much cheaper during this part of the year. Take in the sights and be a tourist this winter, and stay warmer doing it.


What could possibly be more picturesque than hiking through Greece? Explore the Greek islands and visit famous archaeological digs, spend long afternoons in roadside cafes, and maybe even be lucky enough to catch some rays on a beach. This is one winter getaway that will not soon be forgotten.


Photo by Stas Kulesh

When the temperatures are dropping all across the United States, things are heating up in the Southern Hemisphere. In fact, the days around Christmas time are often the hottest days of the year in Australia. What could be merrier than a day at the beach? Watch Santa surf and build a sand-snowman this year.


Turn your winter vacation into a tropical paradise vacation by visiting Jamaica. Not only is it warm and beautiful there, but Jamaican vacations are usually affordable too. Spend your holiday lounging in a hammock sipping cocktails.

Most winter holidays are thought of in terms of hot cocoa and ice skating. That’s nice, but sometimes you want to do something a bit different. Instead of snow angels, you want to work on your sun tan or just escape the frigid weather. A warm winter getaway, either at home and abroad, can get you there.