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How To Make Macrame Hangers

Macrame Covered Hangers

When I was a kid, I remember seeing Dad’s work clothes coming back from the dry cleaner – crisp, collared dress shirts on wire hangers, tucked neatly away beneath billowy tents of plastic. Mom saved all the hangers and removed all of the protective paper covers so she, my sister and I could macrame yarn onto them.

At first, Mom would have to get the hangers started for us, but as we got older we were able to take over the set up and make hangers whenever we wanted. We’d macrame a lot while driving in the car when we went on family vacations…well, when I wasn’t reading a Nancy Drew book, anyway!

TAMU Hangers

Mom still makes these hangers for us – she gifts us a set when we visit. She usually makes random colors, but sometimes we’ll get a bunch made from our college colors – LSU, Texas A&M and University of Georgia.  Sometimes she hits us with black and gold New Orleans Saints hangers. (I’m noticing a football trend here…hmmm.) Whatever it may be, I love these hangers and love even more that they were made by my mom. They’ll always be very special to me and bring back lots of good memories.Covered Hangers


Want to make some of your own? They’re easy to make and great for giving as gifts.  Here’s all you’ll need to make your own:

Covered Hangers - Materials

Yarn (this Red Heart yarn is recommended because it’s thicker and won’t break as easily) in two colors that are the same weight

2 wire hangers that have the same shape – you think I’m kidding, right? All wire hangers are not created equal. 🙂

School glue

Scotch or masking tape



To start making your macrame hanger, tape hangers together in several places. I tape the top ends first and then the two corners of the hanger. Add tape in a few places in between so that they are firmly attached to one another side by side.

Covered Hangers - Wrap ends

Covered Hangers - Secure

Measure about 8 yards of yarn in each color. Roll each color yarn into a ball or something similar to what’s shown in the picture. Mom and I find it easier with the long shape to pass the yarn through as you work.

Covered Hangers - Yarn

Time to get the hanger started. Begin by cutting a piece of yarn from each color that’s about 1 to 1-1/2 inches long. Add a bead of white glue along the end of the hangers and press the ends of the yarn onto it. Allow to dry. Add more glue along the opposite side, wrap the yarn around the tip and press it into the glue. Again, let it dry.  Finally, glue each short piece of yarn to the sides of the end of the hanger.  You guessed it, let it dry. (It’s really not as awkward as it looks/sounds. You’re just covering the end of the hangers in yarn.)

Starting covered hangers

Take your time when you start to get a good finished end.

Now, if you have ever done macrame, it is exactly the same process. Tie your first knot and tighten it so that it sits almost to the end of the hanger – yes, right on top of what you’ve just glued on. Make sure to pull each knot firmly so that it is not loose. But wait! How exactly do you make those knots?  (if you know that part already, skip down a little to the quick video that shows you how to get things started.)

Here’s how to make each knot:

1.  Start with a figure “4” as shown with the purple yarn.

Macrame Technique


2. Bring the end of the yarn back under the area of the hanger you’re working on and up through the loop on the opposite side.

macrame 2


3. Pull the yarn snugly against the hanger. And boom! You made your first knot.

macrame 3

macrame 4

4. Repeat using the other ball of yarn (pink, in this case.)

macrame pink


Now, begin your knots so that they cover the end of the hanger and simply make your way around. (Enjoy the groovy music!)


Continue to alternate colors with until you have made your way all the way around the hanger to end.  Here is the master (my mom) in action again.

Tie off the yarn so you have a knot facing the side that you want to be the front of your hanger. Leave about 8 inches of yarn so you have enough to tie a knot then a pretty bow or you can make a quick pom pom.



Covered Hangers

I do a little happy dance (ok, a BIG happy dance) every time I get a bunch of these from my mom! Imagine all the people you could make dance during the holidays. These are awesome gifts for any family member, and make a perfect hostess gift.