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Top 10 Posts of 2017 at the Nest

Wow! It’s been quite a year.  Much of the last 12 months has been spent striving to be kind and brave, learning new things, and trying not to suck. Like most of you, I’ve had both challenges and victories, gains and losses, happy days and sad days. I’ve had experiences that made me think I might explode from the thrill and beauty of it all.  Most of all, I’ve felt loved. Every single day. For that I am grateful and hope that 2018 brings more of the same.

My friends, I wish a you all new year full of health, peace, prosperity and joy.  I hope you’ll hold the hands of the ones you love and jump in with both feet!

Thank you for continuing to hang out at the Nest.  Please enjoy looking at your Top 10 posts from 2017.

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