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Easter Mason Jar Craft – Easy and Adorable!

Easy Craft - Ball Jar

Every year I struggle with trying to decide what to give friends and co-workers for Easter. You know, just a little token of the holiday. And I don’t mean that I think Easter is summed up by “Jesus is coming! Trap all your chocolate bunnies in jars!” as my sweet daughter so eloquently accused.  I’ve simply had this adorable project pinned on one of my boards for a while, and now is a good time to try it!

No one really had anything but photos of these, so I’ll share the low down on how I made them.  It’s super simple.

1. Gather your stuff. To make 12 jars you’ll need:

  • A dozen pint sized jars with lids
  • 12 small chocolate bunnies
  • A couple of packages of edible Easter grass (I found mine at Target, but I’ve seen it at WalMart, too.) Regular Easter grass would work just as well.
  • Small candies of your choice. I picked M&Ms, but jelly beans are cute. Skittles?  SweetTarts?
  • Fabric squares for the lids (optional)

Easy Mason Jar Craft - Easter

I was so happy to find this edible grass! Hubby and I were excited when we identified the flavor of each color – apple, strawberry and blueberry, only to have our bubble burst when we saw the flavors written right on the top of the package.  Oh well. Give the old people credit for trying!

Easy Mason Jar Craft - Easter 4

These chocolate bunnies were $1 each at Target, but I’ve seen them all over. I think Peeps would be super cute, too. Check the packages carefully to make sure they aren’t broken before you buy them. My husband said these cuties look creepy. I think they’re adorable.

Easy Mason Jar Craft - Easter 2

2. Put the edible grass at the bottom of each jar.

(Although the picture above shows several bags, I used less than two. I probably could have gotten away with just one had there not been so much sampling going on!)

When you take this stuff out of the package, it’s already wound up pretty nicely and is easy to get apart. Wrap a small bunch (maybe 6-10 strands) around your fingers to make it closer to the size of the jar and then push it down to the bottom. I used the handle of a wooden spoon to help arrange it,  but I soon learned that unless you’re super OCD, neatness doesn’t really count. It all sorts itself out without a whole lot of shenanigans.

Easy Mason Jar Craft - Easter 3

Easy Mason Jar Craft - Easter 5

Easy Mason Jar Craft - Easter 6

3. Carefully unwrap your bunnies and stand them up in the center of the jar.

Their little ears will probably stick out at the top, but that’s ok.  Then, start pouring in your candy.  Not a ton, but you’ll know when you’ve got enough when you see it. You can give the jar a little shake (hold on to the bunny) to get the candy settled in.

Easy Mason Jar Craft - Easter 7

Aren’t they looking cute?!?

Easy Mason Jar Craft - Easter 8

4. Next, set your jar lid, without the ring, on top of the bunny, then set a fabric square on top of that.

My squares were 4″x 4″ and simply leftover scraps from a quilting project.  (If you don’t want to use the fabric, raffia is also very nice if you tie it around the jar ring once you close it.)

East Mason Jar Craft - Easter 9

5. Line up the jar ring over the fabric, press the lid down if it sticks up a little, and tighten the ring on the jar.

I found that I could put a decent amount of pressure on the top of the bunny without it breaking the chocolate. Don’t be scared. The bunny will just scootch (spell check says this isn’t a word, but you know it is!) down where he belongs.

Easy Mason Jar Craft - Easter 10

And that folks, is pretty much it. Continue the same way through the rest of your jars.  Best part, you get to eat the leftover M&Ms!

Easy Mason Jar Craft - Easter 11

Easy Mason Jar Craft - Easter 14

Easy Mason Jar Craft - Easter 12

I think I might try this with a really big jar and a large chocolate bunny to make a centerpiece.

 Let me know if you try this one – I’d love to hear about it!

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