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Surprise and Delight with a Gift Basket from Sprouts #PassTheJoy #Giveaway

#PasstheJoy with Sprouts Farmers Market

Sprouts Farmers Market helps you #PassTheJoy to surprise and delight your loved ones!

(Disclosure: I have been compensated for this post by Sprouts, but all opinions and selections are my own.)

I was so happy when Sprouts opened closer to my home. My sister has bragged about her Sprouts store for years and I was always jealous. I wanted to buy fresh, beautiful produce, products and goodies at a good price, too. Right now, for example, they have 14 varieties of apples…14! Any one you want is less than $1/pound. And I don’t know if you’re a fan of Honeycomb Candy, but I am, and that stuff is hard to find. But there it is at Sprouts, waiting for me every time I visit.

I am very happy to be an Ambassador for Sprouts Farmers Market and I was given a wonderful opportunity to really dive into the store and see what it has to offer. I’m going to create some gift baskets to surprise and delight three very special people in my life using Sprouts great variety of quality products.

The College Student Basket

The first basket I’m creating will be for Olivia. She is the typical “starving college student” and is always looking for healthy ways to snack and cook for herself. She also likes good cup of tea and loves amazing nail color! Sprouts has so many things from which to select, I had some trouble choosing what to include.

#PassTheJoy with Sprouts Farmers Market

Surprise and delight a college student with a gift basket created at Sprouts Farmers Market. #PassTheJoy

I picked out a bunch of treats for her to have by her side while studying for finals and working on her thesis. Olivia likes gummy bears (no artificial colors here!) and enjoys things like sunbutter with crackers, and oatmeal any time of day. I also tossed in a few goodies that will help her stay healthy during the semester, like vitamins and hand soap. Finally, a little pampering for a job well done with a pretty candle and some cool blue shades of nail polish.  Oh, and tea. There has to be tea!

Sprouts Surprise and Delight Gift Basket - College Student


The Dog Lover Basket

The next gift basket is for Bill, the Dog Lover. This is the friend who’s dog is his child, right? It was so easy to pull together this basket of treats because you just can’t go wrong with the products carried by Sprouts Farmers Market. Everything there is good for your dog (or cat!) and all-natural.

#PassTheJoy with Sprouts Farmers Market

It’s easy to surprise and delight a pet owner with products from Sprouts. #PassTheJoy

I was able to grab some fun things for this one. A nice bag and a few cans of good quality food, some vitamins, rawhide of course, and a couple of different treats that would sound good to me if I were a dog!

#PassTheJoy with Sprouts Farmers Market

Surprise a dog lover with some of these fun goodies from Sprouts Farmers Market. #PassTheJoy

A nice strong basket that he can use for dog toys later, some burlap and ribbon helped pull this one together, along with a little recycled basket filler!

#PassTheJoy with Sprouts Farmers Market


The Pamper-A-Teacher Basket

Finally, my friend Katie is a teacher. She’s one of the most selfless people I know and spends every extra penny on her students. She could use a little special pampering and pretty things for herself.

#PassTheJoy with Sprouts Farmers Market

Everyone knows a teacher who needs some TLC! A quick run by Sprouts Farmers Market and you’re all set to surprise and delight! #PassTheJoy

It all starts with a bath. I found a nice variety of scented bath salts, but you could even purchase the ingredients at Sprouts to make your own soothing bath salts. (Check out the instructions to make bath salts here – it’s really easy!) I found a candle that smelled amazing, some pretty soaps and a yoga magazine to relax with. I picked out some great treats to top it off – tea, chocolates, nuts and cookies. I also included a delicious bottle of Prosecco and some apricot nectar to add to it – a fabulous drink I learned from Sprouts!

#PassTheJoy with Sprouts Farmer's Market

Time to create a spa day for your kids’ favorite teacher at Sprouts.

My shopping trip to Sprouts Farmers Market was one of the easiest ways to shop for gifts I’ve ever tried and one of the most fun, too. The employees at my local store are pretty remarkable. They were very familiar with their products and had some super fun ideas for my baskets! One bit of advice was to try to use a color scheme, so I went with orange on my teacher basket.

Another shared a neat tip for helping the items stand up in your basket using skewers like this:

Gift Basket Tip #PassTheJoy

Use skewers taped to the back of small gift basket items to help them stand up and keep them from getting lost among the other things.

Finally, here’s how this basket and the others came together.

#PassThe Joy with Sprouts Farmers Market

It’s easy to create your own gift baskets. Remember to fill the bottom of deeper containers with tissue paper or even crumpled newspaper to raise the gifts up where they’ll be clearly displayed. I used a few layers of bubble wrap in this one! #PassTheyJoy

Win a Basket!

Would you like to surprise and delight one of your friends of family members with a gift basket from Sprouts?  They are giving away FIFTY Surprise and Delight gift baskets for fans in Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama. If you live in one of these states, you can WIN one by going here and nominating the person you’d like to give one to!

Hurry – contest ends December 11, 2015!

Win a Spouts gift baket and #PassTheJoy

WIN by nominating the person you’d like to surprise and delight with a gift basket from Sprouts.

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