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Suicide Squad Costumes

Suicide Squad Costumes

Fans of the Suicide Squad movie and superheroes will love the selection of costumes depicting characters from the film. Superheroes you can choose from include those like the colorful Katana and her mystic sword.

Villain fans will also find favorite characters such as the over-the-top evil couple, Joker and Harley Quinn. Take on the job of either saving the world – or trying to destroy it as the world of the DC comics come alive on Halloween night.

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Creature costumes from the movie characters are also available in the form of Croc – complete with scales – and many more. The Suicide Squad characters provide an incredible array of colorful and fun costumes from which you can choose.

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Take your Halloween fun a step further by hosting a Suicide Squad party for your friends and neighbors. Young and old alike will enjoy dressing up as their favorite hero or villain and getting to play the part of their characters on their own terms.

Online, you’ll find Suicide Squad cupcake toppers, mini figurine flags and so much more to create a themed party that everyone will love. Masks, leggings, socks, makeup and other items are also available for you to create the ultimate Suicide Squad costume.

The Suicide Squad DC comic movie, released just this year, is taking over the imagination of many who long to see evil defeated and justice prevail. When a United States Intelligence officer puts together a team of supervillains for a secret mission, anything can happen – and does.

There are great Suicide Task Force X costumes for the entire family and they can all be found online and in any size you need. Get yours now before the size you need disappears and you’ll be all set for the big night.

Plan your Suicide Squad party with some of the great ideas and items which can also be found online. This may be the best party you’ve ever planned. Each character will have his or her own agenda of how to save the world – and have fun too. Search online now for your favorite Suicide Squad costume.