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Puritan’s Pride: Moving Parents to the Front of the Class! #Giveaway

Puritans-Pride Front of the Class

Puritan’s Pride provided me with these products for review, however all opinions expressed are my own.

In my area, kids went back to school almost two weeks ago – yes, it’s pretty early…and hot. The kind of heat that zaps all the energy out of you.  Many of my friends have already noticed that the back-to-school schedule is taking it’s toll. Getting up early, trying to get everyone out the door and to school on time, picking them up again, after school activities, ball practice, games, piano, dance, homework, dinner…it’s a long, full day. You know what I’m talking about! The thing is, most of them (and their husbands) don’t take the time to take care of themselves. We make sure our kids are well-fed, get enough rest and take their vitamins, but we forget about ourselves.

Something as simple as taking a multivitamin each day can make a huge difference. The trick to taking multivitamins is finding the right one for you. There are pills for kids, adult men, adult women before and after menopause, women planning on having a baby, women already pregnant or lactating and people over 60 years old. There are also multivitamins specifically targeted for vegetarians and vegans. Find the one that meets your need, and get going.  You can confidently use the Puritan’s Pride multivitamins and supplements like these for men and women, fish oil and B-12. I visited my doctor this morning, and he shared the importance of taking the right vitamins for you – even if that’s as simple as picking a women’s or men’s formula.

Puritan’s Pride® began over 40 years ago, with the mission of making the finest quality nutritional supplements available at the best value to their customers. Today, the company remains true to its original commitment and serves millions of loyal customers. Puritan’s Pride manufactures thousands of vitamins, minerals, herbs and other nutritional supplements in their state-of-the art facilities located throughout the U.S. As part of the company’s commitment to quality, Puritan’s Pride only uses ingredients from suppliers worldwide that meet their Quality Assurance Standards, as well as Good Manufacturing Practices food quality standards.


Puritan’s Pride Women’s One Daily Multivitamins

Puritans Pride Womens Multi

Ladies, get what your bodies need in the women’s formula – especially iron.  This multivitamin is tailor-made for women. Once-daily formula provides a valuable array of vitamins and minerals. Includes 1000 IU of Vitamin D to support bone and immune system health and iron.*

Puritan’s Pride One Daily Men’s Multivitamin

Puritans Pride Mens Multi

This multivitamin is tailor-made for men. Once-daily formula provides a comprehensive array of vitamins and minerals. Includes 700 IU of Vitamin D to support bone and immune system health, and 100% of the Daily Value of Zinc to aid with energy metabolism and male reproductive health.*

Puritan’s PrideVitamin B-12 500 mcg

Puritans Pride B12

B-12 Ener-B® formula delivers the essential B vitamin B-12 to support energy metabolism in the body.* Vitamin B-12 is also essential for the normal formation of blood cells, contributes to the health of the nervous system, and helps maintain circulatory health.* This will give you the energy to keep up with the kids and their busy school days!

Puritan’s PrideOmega-3 Fish Oil 1000mgPuritans Pride Fish Oil

Fish Oil is one of my favorites because there are so many health benefits. Another great thing about Puritan’s Pride Fish Oil – no fishy taste at any time!  Provides 300mg of active Omega-3.Supports heart health.* Purified to eliminate mercury. This Ester-Omega® Fish Oil provides 300mg of total omega-3 fatty acids, comprising of EPA, DHA and other fatty acids. EPA and DHA fatty acids support heart health, provide an energy source for your body and are “good” fats that can help balance the “bad fats” in your diet.*

 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Puritans Pride Mens Multivitamins

According to the National Institutes of Health, more than one-third of Americans take multivitamins—with about one in four young children taking a vitamin each day. With back to school time upon us, the kids are ready to go taking their vitamins and eating a healthy breakfast– now it’s time for parents to get into their own healthy routines. Puritan’s Pride has put together some supplement suggestions to get back into the swing of fall and move to the head of the class.

Take care of yourself so you can take care of your children. Puritan’s Pride has really competitive, often lower prices on the things you need to stay healthy – even goodies for your pets! Find Puritan’s Pride on TwitterFacebook  and  Instagram!

 Puritan’s Pride is very generously providing this same set of supplements to a lucky Nest Full of New reader!


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Puritan’s Pride provided me with these products for review, however all opinions expressed are my own.