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Product Review: CVS Flavor Chews Antacid

Fourth of July celebrations conjure up images of summertime, swimming, family reunions, fireworks and “Happy Birthday, America!” The natural companion to all of that is eating…and lots of it. This particular Independence Day we celebrated with barbeque, spicy smoked sausage, baked beans and all the amazing sides you’d expect. What DH didn’t expect, was a crazy attack of heartburn, though I don’t know why it surprised him after watching him dump his mountain of rib bones in the garbage. Luckily, I had just returned from the Reviewer’s Retreat #revret #iretreat2014. What does that have to do with it? One of the sponsors for this awesome blogging conference was CVS, and CVS just happened to be promoting a new antacid and handing out samples.

CVS Flavor Chews Antacid CVS Flavor Chews Antacid

I dug into my still unpacked suitcase and grabbed my bottle of their new Flavor Chews and handed them over to my DH. We had the Peppermint flavor, but there is also a Strawberry and an Assorted Fruit flavor. They look like Mentos and are touted as being “Chewy Not Chalky.” I’ve learned from the CVS website that “each Chew contains: calcium 300 mg; magnesium 1 mg. Contains soy. Same active ingredient as Tums (This product is not manufactured or distributed by GlaxoSmithKline, owner of the registered trademark Tums). Relieves: heartburn, sour stomach & acid indigestion. 750 mg calcium carbonate.” And here’s a nice little bonus – they’re certified gluten-free.

The verdict? Not ten minutes had passed before DH returned, minus the pained look on his face, and reporting that he felt better. They have a mild peppermint taste, not strong like a breath mint, and are definitely chewy (warning to those with dentures and braces.) He also confirmed that there was no chalky feeling or aftertaste to the Flavor Chews. Thank you #CVS for saving my DH in plenty of time for peach cobbler. This one’s a winner!