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(ENDED) Petbrosia: Pet Food Isn’t One-Size-Fits-All #Giveaway




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Flashington Oscar – also know as Flash, Pooka-doo, Boogie Boy, Punky, Dumb Dog, Stretchy McGillicuddy and many variations thereof. Whatever you call him, we love our goofy dachshund, but he’s a little chunky. Because that breed is susceptible to back and joint problems, we’ve been working with out vet to help him drop a few pounds.  When Petbrosia asked if we’d like to try their pet food, I though this was a great opportunity to help Flash get back to his former svelte self!

Feeding pets based on their ideal body condition will lead to a longer and higher quality of life. Petbrosia is a new-to-the-world technology and service that allows pet diets to be custom designed for individual pets, to meet their unique nutritional needs. When I visited Petbrosia.com, the simple ordering process asked for specific information about Flash such as his breed, age, weight and activity level. Using some fancy algorithms, a custom blend was delivered directly to our house in a few days, eliminating the need to go to a store. The automatic replenishment program then automatically adjusts the nutritional profile of the maturing pet…this is the first food that actually grows with your pet. The formulation is a “super premium” natural formula.

They determine the right Petbrosia diet for your pet based on their breed, age, weight, food allergies, activity level, and other needs you feel should be brought to their attention (I mentioned the need to protect his joints, for example, and they fact that he loves fruits and veggies.) Petbrosia then automatically adjusted his energy requirements and ensured appropriate nutrition for him. The main ingredients in all Petbrosia formulas are all-natural meats, fruits, and vegetables grown and raised in America. No unnecessary fillers or artificial additives. The different blends address 7 key areas of your pet’s health ranging from maintaining a healthy coat and skin to supporting a strong immune system. (See: 5 steps to a healthier dog)


When Flash’s bag of food arrived, it contained a description of the food and a customized feed plan specifically for him and his nutritional and health needs.

Petbrosia delivery

Petbrosia 1

I was very happy to see that the first ingredient is deboned chicken (there is also a salmon variety.)

Petbrosia 2

And one of the cats went straight for the box…

Petbrosia cat

Flash has never really turned up his nose to any kind of food – the main reason we’re where we are now. However, he seemed to enjoy the Petbrosia food more than his normal food. He also didn’t have a problem transitioning to the new food, but if you’d like more info on that you can find it here.

After a month of Petbrosia food, I’m happy to report that Flash has lost almost a half pound! The vet is pleased and he passed her examination just this week. I’m a Petbrosia fan and it seems that Flash is, too. he’ll staying on this healthier diet!

From Petbrosia.com:

Our Quality Assurance

  1. We only buy the highest quality ingredients grown and raised in America.
  2. Once we receive our ingredients, our trained quality control experts run a series of tests for contamination, nutrition profile, and freshness.
  3. Our quality control experts continue to test your product during production, testing for mold, e-coli, salmonella, bacteria, and other contaminants.
  4. Before your pet’s box of Petbrosia is sealed, we conduct a detailed visual inspection before it is approved for shipment.
  5. Your box of Petbrosia is tracked from the moment it leaves our facilities to the moment it arrives on your doorstep.

What Petbrosia Doesn’t Do

  • We never use ingredients from untrustworthy sources with low health and safety standards
  • We have never been subject to a recall
  • We never add artificial preservatives, synthetic dyes, or flavors

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Every pet is unique.™  Their food should be too.