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A Month of School Lunch Ideas

As the school year moves on, it gets harder and harder to be creative when it comes to packing lunches for the kids (or hubby or yourself, for that matter!) As much as I’d love to be the mom who makes adorable cutout sandwiches and arranges veggies to look like sunshine and panda bears, I just don’t have time.  Coupons.com has provided one month of school lunch ideas that your kids will love if they are stuck in a PB&J rut. They give you a two-week-at-a-time game plan and mix it up in a simple chart.  Substitutions are easily made depending on your families’ tastes and what’s in season. Give this a whirl for a few weeks of no-brainer lunches that are healthy and will *hopefully* get eaten and not traded!

School Lunch Ideas


Do you have any quick and easy lunch ideas that might help us look like we’re creative super-moms every day?  Please share!