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Lower Your Utility Bills – Part 6: 7 Ways To Cut Extra Charges on Your Phone Bill

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We all complain about those surprises we get on our phone bills. When you set a budgeted amount for phone service, items like going over minutes, long distance fees, texting, mobile internet usage, and information calls can leave you frustrated.  This is not a good thing by any means. If it has gotten downright scary to open that phone bill, it’s time to take control.  Let’s take a hard look at a few places to cut back:

  1. Let’s talk landline first. Do you really need a home phone? This is the most obvious cut to consider. Does anyone even call it, other than telemarketers? It’s probably time to cut the cord. Be sure first that your land-line connection is not “bundled” with another utility, like cable, before you get rid of it.  Compare the savings before you decide, then if it makes sense, let go of that home phone.
  2. Cell phone ring tones and apps that charge a monthly fee are for the birds. If it was a one-time charge, then fine, just don’t buy any more. A new ring tone for every family member, a few fun apps, and a fresh wallpaper or two can add up fast. Use the built-in ring tones. You already paid for them when you bought your phone and your plan.
  3. Review your minutes routinely.  Are you going over your allotted plan minutes every month and getting dinged with extra fees for it?  Or, do you not even come close to using the plan max? Find out if there is a better plan for you and your family and make the change.
  4. Block information calls to eliminate this useless fee. It really is unnecessary and, more than likely, can wait until you get home. You can Google practically any phone number you need for free. This goes for any type of ‘operator assisted’ calls. That is so 20th Century, really.  You can find out anything you need to know free of charge.
  5. Long distance charges are old school. If your carrier still charges long distance, ditch them now.  There are many alternatives available for very cheap long distance calls, even overseas calls.  Calling plans are quickly getting on board with the flat fee rates, so compare and save.
  6. Use the web to phone home. One popular choice is a web-based call through Skype. Skype-to-Skype calls are free so have everyone you call sign up and you’re good to go.  And, don’t let it scare you. You don’t have to put on makeup and do your hair for Skype.  You can turn off the video feature and just use the audio feature either with your built-in microphone in your computer or with a simple headphone.
  7. Cancel the broadband. There. I said it. It’s out in the open. It may hurt but if you are really intent on trimming your expenses, you need to cut out broadband. You can live without checking your email or Facebook status every 30 seconds. You did it before; you can do it again. See some options for free internet here.

When cutting costs in the family budget, it’s hard to give up the things we’ve become accustomed to having.  With many phone plans, however, there is a lot of fluff that could be trimmed without a bit of pain.  Get your family on board with your plan and lower your utility bills.

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