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The Potential of My KitchenAid

Several years ago, my amazing daughter gave me a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas. I’ve never been so overwhelmed and excited! I blended everything in sight. I whipped eggs, made pizza dough, re-discovered homemade whipped cream and created one of the lightest angel food cakes ever. Now, after a heavy duty workout during the holidays, I’m ready to expand. First, to dress up the little beauty, I’ve ordered some super cute decals from Zulily to dress up it’s glossy white surface. Time to start taking advantage of its full Kitchen Aid magical-ness and potential.

Then I saw this…I had no idea there were so many options! When I “grow up,” I hope to have many of them, but for now, my wish list includes a glass bowl and a flat beater with scrapers. Come on Christmas!

Make it Homemade with KitchenAid: Mixer & Attachment Chart

OK, all you Kitchen Aid wizards! Which attachments to do you have and which are your favorites?