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Top 2015 Holiday Toy Trends – Get ‘Em While You Can!

Top holiday toy trends for 2015

Top trends expected to influence 2015 holiday toy purchases are dinosaurs, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math), little chefs and pets. (This post contains affiliate links.)

After a year of tracking toy purchases across the globe, the team of experts at Toys“R”Us® has named four trends anticipated to impact toy-buying decisions this holiday season. This year’s trends reflect popular themes seen across screens both big and small, as well as a movement to encourage exploration and creative thinking – proving smart is the new cool. Influenced by pop-culture and cultural shifts, these trends are indicative of the types of toys kids will hope to find under the tree on Christmas morning.

The following are the Top Trends, as well as a few hot toys in each category:

Inspired by new, hit movies, including Jurassic World, Disney Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, as well as dinosaur-themed shows such as DINOTRUX, it is dino mania on toy shelves this holiday season. Kids of all ages will have a roaring good time with dynamic dinosaurs ranging from futuristic prehistoric pals and classic plush to giant multi-playthings and pint-sized dinos. Grab these creatures before they’re  extinct:

Play has always stimulated a child’s imagination, but recently toys that inspire interest in STEAM have emerged as one of the most popular trends among parents wanting to introduce the areas of science, technology, engineering, arts and math to children as part of playtime. These unique items are dedicated to advancing curiosity while encouraging creative thinking:

Cooking, baking, grilling – the kitchen is the popular place to be. Whether emulating the culinary adventures of their moms and dads or pretending to be a foodie extraordinaire, kids can’t wait to tie on an apron and create their own bites. These crafty, delicious toys help spark imagination while creating personalized playtime experiences:

Kids have always found a friend in their favorite stuffed animal and now they are enjoying  pretend pets that can interact with them. This year lots of cuddly companions come equipped with realistic movements and offer all the fun of a traditional pets, minus the mess! These toys are just a few of the cool things kids will be putting on their holiday Wish Lists:

It’s not too early to start shopping and, based on these holiday toy trends, it looks like it’s going to be a fun season!

One thing I’m confused about – not to change the subject – is how these things work?  They are incredibly popular (another super hot gift this year) and I don’t understand how kids make them work.  If you happen to have or will be buying one of these cool balance boards, let me know what you think.