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Become a Gardening Master with These Tools

Gardening Collage Edited and Titled

Gardening is a past time and rewarding hobby for millions of people. Whether you’re making improvements to your lawn and garden, gardening to produce fresh food for your family, or both! A fun and productive garden is only as good as the tools you use in it. These are some of my favorite gardening tools so you can become a gardening master.  I’ve added links to each tool for your convenience (affiliate links), so bring your green thumb and let’s get into it!

Garden Scooter

Garden Scooter

You know what the worst part about gardening is? Carrying around all of your hand tools, kneeling on the hard ground and sitting in the wet grass. I’ve started making raised garden spaces to avoid that kind of stuff. However, my favorite solution is this garden scooter. The top is a cushion so it is comfortable to sit on and can come off to be used as a kneeling pad. It even has a cup holder! What more could you ask for?

Hori Hori

Garden Tools

Rambo jokes aside, this knife is incredible. The Hori Hori can be used to dig, prune, cut weeds, cut plant training ties, and just about any other gardening need you may have. Master gardeners love this one! We have crazy kudzu down here in the South and it cuts through that stuff with no problem. I like this knife for cutting twine and pruning small branches – even to test the occasional fresh tomato!

The Parrot Flower

Parrot Flower Garden Tools

If there is only one tool that you look at on this list, make sure it’s the Parrot Flower. This is the most incredible piece of technology for gardening on the market right now. It sits in your soil and measures almost every single thing that a plant uses to grow. Things like sunlight exposure, pH levels, water, fertilizer, heat, and even more! It can also ALERT you on your smartphone or tablet (Android & iOS) if any plant is in need of any attention.

Cobra Head

Cobra Head Garden Tool

Another great weeding tool. The CobraHead weeder and cultivator is angled perfectly to get under the roots of any weed and pop up the whole plant. Getting the root keeps the weed from coming back, ensuring a weed free garden.

With enough practice, you can become a gardening master with these tools. Using all of these in your garden or on your lawn will ensure that you have the best of the best in the neighborhood and you will easily be the envy of the whole block. So grab your garden scooter, Hori Hori, and your green thumb and make your garden the best it can be. What are your favorite gardening tools?