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Flash! It’s National Dog Day (Plus Limited Offer- Petbrosia Pet Food 50% off!)

National Dog Day

About six years ago, we broke our own “no dogs” rule, and adopted a dog. A tiny, adorable, loud, seven-week-old dachshund.  We named him Flash.  Contrary to popular belief, we did not get him to take the place of our DD who had just left college. I simply had a moment of weakness and couldn’t say “no.”

Flash is your typical dachshund. Tenacious, sassy, hard to house train, and more of a watchdog than a guard dog.  Flash has many, many names.  Boogie, JoJo, Bubba, Chili Dog, Pooka Doo, Da Boy, Oscar Meyer, Lulu, Cuba  Gooding Jr. (don’t ask!), Dumb Dog, Boney Maroney, Poop Monster, and so on.  He answers to all of them. Flash was spoiled with bags and bags of treats when he was a pup. The vet said he was getting too fat, so his new treats became baby carrots.  He happily accepted them and eats (almost) every one like it’s a hunk of sirloin.  Flash greets us like he hasn’t seen us in ten years whether we’re gone to work all day or just to the bathroom. Flash is stripped of his collar every time DD comes home from school. Flash knows when that happens, it’s torture time (ok, play time.)  I guess you could say…we love the dog. No matter the crazy stuff he does or how much garbage he tears up or how belligerent he acts sometimes, we still love him and wouldn’t trade him for the world! Silly dog.

Do you have a loyal friend like Flash? Then rejoice! Today, August 26, is your day.  Well, it’s their day. National Dog Day, to be exact.

National Dog Day was started in 2004 to recognize the massive number of shelter pets looking for a good home and to encourage their adoption. If you’re looking for a companion of your own and ready for the responsibility, take a look at the ASPCA adoption site or Petfinder.com to find a shelter near you.

My brother-in-law has worked at PAWS Atlanta for several years and frequently talks about the need for forever homes for the animals they rescue.  Not just dogs, but cats, too.  We can also recommend Plaquemines Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), a no-kill animal shelter located in Belle Chasse, LA, and like PAWS Atlanta, is dedicated to the humane and loving treatment of stray and homeless animals.

All of the looney birds here at Nest Full of New encourage your to visit your local shelter and adopt some love!

Happy National Dog Day, Flash!


Limited Time Offer – Petbrosia Pet Food 50% off!

Flash has been enjoying and thriving on his Petbrosia diet for a couple of months now. One size truly doesn’t fit all when it comes to feeding your furry babies. Feeding pets based on their ideal body condition will lead to a longer and higher quality of life. Petbrosia is a new-to-the-world technology and service that allows pet diets to be custom designed for individual pets, to meet their unique nutritional needs.

The folks at Petbrosia are amazing to work with and so, so nice. They’ve very generously offered Nest Full of New readers an opportunity to try their pet food for 50% off the regular priceJust visit their website and answer a few easy questions about your pet that will help them create the perfect blend. Then use promo code AUG73S to receive your discount ( tell them Nest Full of New sent you.)


Cat lovers – not to worry! National Cat Day is on October 29. 🙂