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Easy Easter Centerpiece


So a couple of days ago, I shared these adorable jars with you, Easy Mason Jar Craft – Easter , and thought it would be super cute to make a larger version. Once I gathered everything, it only took a few minutes to put together, but it make quite an impact on my kitchen table!

I found a big chocolate bunny (about 7″-8″ high…it was less than $4.00 at the grocery store) and basically used the leftovers from the the first project.  It was really simple and you can adjust the contents to use what you have on hand, to suit your tastes and according to your decor needs. Prefer jelly beans and a blue ribbon? Do it!  Maybe your jar houses your family’s coveted golden egg?  Hide it in there!  Want to use regular Easter grass instead of the edible kind…no problem.  I have a feeling the Easter Bunny might leave a little note in this jar at my house!


Isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?

Mason-Jar-Craft-Easter-Large 8


For reference, this is the centerpiece sitting next to one of the original jars.


Mason-Jar-Craft-Easter-Large 5


Simply arrange your Easter grass at the bottom of a large jar, nestle the bunny in the center and then go crazy! Drop in whatever you love and it will be perfect.  A little tip on the Peeps – when you pull them apart, they will have a white spot where they were attached together. I stuck two colors together where they were white and hid the spot.


Mason-Jar-Craft-Easter-Large 4


This is a a picture of the centerpiece without the plastic eggs.  I couldn’t decide which version I like better!


Mason-Jar-Craft-Easter-Large 6


A view from the top.


Mason-Jar-Craft-Easter-Large 7


Mason-Jar-Craft-Easter-Large 3



I’m always on the lookout for easy craft that pack a punch!  Have any ideas to share?