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Create Your Own Raised Bed Garden

I’ve chatted with you before about my raised bed adventure. I’m happy to report that it has been a relative success this summer. We’ve enjoyed our tomatoes, basil and oregano.

This is where we started…

Raised Bed Garden - Nest Full of New

And here it is as of this weekend. What a difference!

garden August 1

What didn’t work this time, is the container part of the garden. The tomatoes and peppers just didn’t flourish like they have in past years. In fact, we got this one glorious red pepper and then pretty much nothing else from any of the containers (5-gallon buckets.)

red pepper


Not to worry, though! There’s another round of gardening opportunities coming down the pike for the fall and this is the time to start planning. Lots of root veggies and leafy things like to grow in cooler temperatures. Just be mindful ofthree things:  how many days each one takes to mature, the estimated date of the first frost in your area, and math – count backwards from that date for planting times.

Raised beds are the perfect way to start your own garden. Fruits, vegetables, flowers and shrubs can all thrive in the raised bed environment. The popularity of raised beds is on the rise because of their many benefits – reduce soil erosion, the ease of access to control weeds and pick vegetables, creation of a warmer soil temperature in the spring, plus many more. Follow this guide to learn how to create your own raised bed garden. From the building materials to the vegetables – you can create a flourishing raised bed.