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8 Easy Appetizers for Your Thanksgiving Gathering

When it comes to the biggest, most hyped meal of the year, ease your way into the overindulgence with pre-dinner nibbles that will ignite palates without ruining appetites. Serve one or two of these stylish, seasonal hors d’oeuvres, and you can skip a first course, impress your guests, and keep […] Read more…

Easy 2-Ingredient Pumpkin Cake with Apple Cider Glaze #PumpkinFest

2 ingredient pumpkin cake

Pumpkin-palooza is on! I don’t know who originally came up with this idea, but they’re brilliant!  It’s fast, easy and amazingly moist and delicious.  I always have to be sure I’m not the only one here when I make it – I just can’t be left alone with this cake. […] Read more…

Easy as Pie Crust Cookies


To me, the best part of the pie is (usually) the crust. No stone throwing, please. I’ve embraced my *cough* uniqueness and I’m comfortable admitting this.  I also don’t mind telling you that I’m the same way with pizza crust.  I think I got it from my dad… I’ve been […] Read more…

Hummingbird Cake

hummingbird cake

Peach Cobbler with Blackberries

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