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A Whole New Level of Frugal

A Whole New Level of Frugal

  I recall in clear detail, the recycled paper milk carton that my 3rd grade teacher opened at the top and sat in the corner of our classroom. It didn’t take long for all of us to learn that any time we used glitter for a project, we had to […] Read more…

Snow Angels to the Rescue!


My husband just came back inside after he, some of our neighbors and a few good Samaritans helped no fewer than 8 cars and trucks out of the ice/snow they’d become stuck in on the highway that runs in front of our home. They’d push or pull one out, and […] Read more…

Abby’s Purple Bag Project

I really pleased and proud that my friend Kimber over at The Pinning Mama has allowed me to share her post about this amazing young lady! 2 Meet my friend Abby.  She is a little girl with a BIG dreams and an even bigger heart.  Sometimes people come into your […] Read more…

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