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Canning Basics- Awesome Infographic!

Using a Water Bath for Canning

I’m so excited! Our local berry farm opened for everyone to start picking strawberries this week. We love to go out to the farm and pick whatever’s growing in the field. Right now it’s strawberries.  In a few weeks it will be blackberries, blueberries and corn.  Tomatoes and squash pop in somewhere in there, too.  And, oh my gosh,don’t forget the figs! Did I mention that I’m excited?

Beautiful fresh-picked strawberries!






(Just about the best resource I’ve found for locating “you-pick” farms in your area is the Pick Your Own website. Not only can you find the fruits and vegetables near you, but it’s also a wealth of information on canning and storing your bounty.)

All this fresh fruit can only mean one thing…its canning season! I got a pressure canner for Christmas that I’ve been waiting to call into action, but the good old water bath method is all that’s needed to make some of the yummiest jams, jellies and preserves.

One of my favorite websites, Attainable Sustainable has joined forces with KathleenReilly.com to create a fabulous treasure trove of information and canning recipes. I love this infographic!

Basics for Canning Using a Water Bath

I can’t wait to make more of my Balsamic Strawberry Jam and some yummy Fig (or Fig and Peach) Preserves! Neither one lasts very long around here…

Are you a canner? What are you looking forward to making this year? Will you be trying anything new?