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Bite-Sized Snacks for a Late-Night Crowd

After a long night of drinking, dancing and networking, celebratory event guests often need a little late-night bite to munch on before they head home. Don’t let those guests leave hungry! Instead, serve them one of these tasty bite-sized snacks—think sliders and fries or gooey s’mores—to keep them satisfied and smiling.

Pastry Bar

For the guests who can’t decide between cake, cookies or brownies, offer a station with an assortment! Don’t forget the to-go bags, so guests can take treats home with them.

Breakfast Bites

Chicken and waffles, pancakes, French toast sticks and candied bacon aren’t just for breakfast! These bite-sized treats will be huge hits with the late-night crowd as well. Because who doesn’t love breakfast food?


For guests who need something a little heartier, serve grab n’ go sandwiches to take on the run. To appeal to a larger crowd, feature a wide assortment of varieties and flavors, including grilled cheese or deli meat.

Healthy Bites

Late-night snacks don’t have to be unhealthy. Encourage healthier eating into the evening hours by offering bite-sized snacks like nut mixes with seasonal dried fruit, smoothies and protein bars.

Burger + Fries

To soak up some of those specialty cocktails, serve guests platters of mini-sliders (like burgers, chicken and turkey) along with little cones or baskets of French fries and onion rings. Add diner-themed to-go containers, so guests can nosh on the run.


For a treat that’ll make everyone smile, serve these adorable bite-sized donuts! Make them easy to grab by featuring them on skewers or in to-go baskets. Add local flavors, like dragon fruit in Asia or coconut in Hawaii, for a fun flair.


Keep the party going even after the bar shuts down and the music stops with a fun s’more station! Add an assortment of luscious fillings, like peanut butter cups and other candy bars.

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