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Aunt Tracy Checks it Out! Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Mobile Cart

How many times have the toys and dolls in your house been injured or come down with a cold? I have a niece who’s teddy bear lost its stuffing, princess crowns have toppled, Dora and her backpack stumble while they explore, and Barbies have been decapitated. She’s also an avid Doc McStuffins fan, so I can’t imagine anything more perfect for my little doctor-in-training.

Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Mobile Cart ReviewDoc McStuffins Get Better Talking Mobile

Doc McStuffins is the name of an animated children’s television series found on the Disney Channel as well as Disney Junior. The series follows the exploits of a young girl that can heal toys. Her stuffed animal friends help her, and each episode is filled with fun songs and valuable lessons for young children. When Dottie “Doc” McStuffins wears her stethoscope in the series, toys and dolls come to life. She can communicate with them, but sometimes needs to travel to where they are to help fix them. That is where the Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Mobile Cart comes into play, so let’s take it for a spin.

Key Elements of The Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Mobile Cart

* Includes “working” CB radio

* Equipped with pull-along handle

* Bandage dispenser fixes boo-boos

* EKG, thermometer and otoscope give on-site checkups

* Working ladder helps Doc reach toys wherever they are

Is The Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Mobile Cart a Good Buy?

Little girls often emulate their parents. That is the premise behind the award-winning Doc McStuffins television series, where a young girl role plays as her Doctor mother. The show is a big hit with little girls from 3 years of age, and has won important awards portraying a young African-American in the title role.

Along with a Check-Up Center and plenty of other accessories, the Doc McStuffins range of products encourages caring for others. With this mobile cart your young doctor to be can perform rolling checkups on all of her toys and dolls, and use the working CB radio to call her diagnosis in to an imaginary hospital.

When a serious affliction has stricken down a toy, your child can use the included gurney and the patient seat on the Doc McStuffins Mobile Cart to make sure her toy gets the best available care.

Parents will like that the pull-along handle makes for easy transportation from room to room in the house. Everything is self contained, which makes cleanup and storage a snap. The price is in the middle range of what you would expect to pay, considering how large and detailed this play set is.

Your kids will really like the motion activated siren that plays the Doc Mobile song whenever the car is in motion. Representations of real-world hospital tools such as a light & sound EKG, otoscope and thermometer are included, and the bandage sticker dispenser has been mentioned by previous purchasers as a big hit as well.

2 AA batteries are required and not included.

The Doc McStuffins Get Better Talking Mobile Cart makes a smart buy for parents or gift givers who notice care-giving traits in young children. Perfect for little girls aged 3 and up, this traveling medical center is perfect for making house calls.

Doc McStuffin

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