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29 DIY Halloween Costumes Including 12 Frozen Elsa Costumes

29 DIY Halloween Costumes

When my daughter was three years old, she dressed up as an LSU Cheerleader for Halloween. She was adorable!  We always went trick-or-treating in my parents’ neighborhood in New Orleans. Dad stayed home and manned the candy bowl and Mom walked the block with Olivia and I. This arrangement served a dual purpose for Mom. First, of course, she got to hang out with her granddaughter and giggle at all the shenanigans in the streets. Second, walking down the sidewalk allowed her to enjoy the satisfying crunch of acorns that she’d always go out of her way to step on. I have to admit, it was a little addicting.

Halloween LSU Cheerleader

I had one job. Olivia wouldn’t carry her pumpkin once it got about a 1/4 of the way full, so I carried it for her. Mom’s job (besides crunching acorns) was to operate the flashlight to make sure our little cheerleader didn’t trip on anything.

This was also the year that Olivia thought she was being invited in every time someone answered the door.  She saw the inside of everyone’s house on the block, until we got to the house that had two doors…a regular one and a clear glass storm door. Our neighbor opened the inside door, and before she could open the storm door, Miss Olivia tried to barge on in….and smashed right into the glass door.  Poor little thing looked up at our neighbor on the other side of the glass. Her little face was simply stunned. The next thing we knew, Olivia’s pumpkin was the recipient of their entire bowl of candy.  We went back to Mom’s after that house to cheer for our Snickers and Junior Mints windfall.

We made the tiny purple cheerleader skirt that Olivia wore that year. (When I say “we”, I mean “Mom”.) It took just a few minutes and, when paired with a sweatshirt she already had, we created a small, adorable cheerleader ready to take the field!

It’s always so much fun choosing what to be for Halloween! Making the costumes yourself makes it even sweeter! Here is a collection of DIY Halloween Costumes that includes an Olaf and 12 Elsa costumes!

Star Trek from Tried and True Blog


Adorable Witch from Fiskars



Gru and Minion from Running With Scissors

Sock Monkey!

Picture of Sock Monkey costume for toddler

Where’s Waldo? by Repeat Crafter Me

Lego Costume from County Living

lego costume

Raining Cats and Dogs from Parenting Magazine

R2D2 and C3PO from Yellow Pear Photography

Pinata from Costume-Works

Pinata Costume

Peacock from Creatively Christy

Where the Wild Things Are from Tried and True

Cotton Candy from Costume-Works

Cotton Candy Costume

Scuba Divers by Delineate Your Dwelling

DIY Scuba Diver Halloween Costume, Delineate Your Dwelling

Minecraft from Kitchy Coo

Minecraft Collage 2

Superman from Wait Till Your Father Gets Home

Clark Kent Toddler Costume via www.waittilyourfathergetshome.com #costume #toddler #handmade #superman #clarkkent

Dragon from Tried and True Blog

How To Make a Toothless Dragon Costume from a sweatsuit! - Make Toothless!

Olaf from Desert Chica

DIY Olaf Costume #Disney #Frozen

Elsa from They Will Love Your Effort

Can you believe that this dress was made out of a curtain sheer and the cape is just a square piece of fabric with two pieces of Velcro in the corner?!?!?!

DIY No-Sew Elsa Dress from Carrie Elle

No-Sew Frozen Costume

Elsa Costume DIY from Me Sew Crazy

How to Sew an Elsa Costume

Frozen Disney Queen Elsa Costume Tutorial from Marino Bambinos

Homemade Elsa Dress from Frozen from The Kim Six Fix

Comfortable Elsa Outfit Tutorial from Grey Luster Girl
Comfortable Elsa Outfit_DIY

DIY Elsa Dress for Under $20 from Adventures in Wunderland

DIY ELsa Dress

Look We Made a DIY Elsa Dress from lish concepts


Disney’s Frozen Queen Elsa Dress from Busy Moms Helper
Disney's Frozen Elsa Dress Tutorial / by Busy Mom's Helper #Frozen #ElsaDress #Costume

Frozen-Inspired Princess Elsa Dress Up Apron from Ruffles and Rainboots


Do-It-Together Elsa Cape from Makeit-Loveit

No-Sew ELSA CAPE (from
FROZEN Elsa Cape and Anna Cloak DIY Tutorial from The How To Mom