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2014 Best of the Nest

2014 Best of the Nest

2014 has been a very good year. There were challenges, but I’m certainly not unhappy with it. On the other hand, I also not sorry to see it go. Like many of you, I’m ready for a fresh start, to begin anew and resolve to do some things better, differently or not at all.  It’s going to be a big year for me because I’ll turn 49 in a couple of weeks – yes, I really will be 49 – and I hope to make this an unforgettable final year of the first half-century of my life. Ew, that sounded weird, but I’m going with it. I believe I need to set the bar high so I can strive to make my second 50 years as amazing as the first.

So, I say au revoir to 2014 (See what I did there? I’m going to Paris in May! No, seriously.) and I’d like to thank you all for hanging out at the Nest this year. You’ve been so inspiring and supportive and I truly appreciate all of your input and suggestions. I hope that we’ll continue to learn and grow together in 2015 as we enter Year 3 of Nest Full of New – again setting that bar high!

It’s really cool to take a look back to see which posts generated the most views. I had a few in mind that I thought would make the Top 10, but I was surprised to see several that I never considered. First, a couple of Honorable Mention posts who were so very close to making the list:

Flu Vaccine and 5 Things to Know About the Flu and Diabetes

The control of diabetes and finding a cure for this disease are very close to me.

Flu Vaccine

Ode to a New Orleans Sno-Ball

One of the things I miss most about New Orleans.  Another is crawfish.

Snowball flavors


And the Top 10 Nest Full of New posts of 2014…the Best of the Nest!

10.  American Flag Etiquette

Makes me proud to know that so many of us remain actively patriotic!


9.  Fresh Peach Cobbler

I can’t even stand how amazing this cobbler is. Come on summertime!

Peach Cobbler with Cream

8.  23 Superbowl Party Recipes and Cool Tips

We’re kind of at this point again, huh? Who will be in the big game this year?

Superbowl Recipes

7. Have a Fondue Party at Home

Not sure what this says about all of us, except that we like our parties!


6. The Amazing Burger Round-Up: 16 Fabulous Burgers

There’s no wrong time when it comes to burgers. Summer, winter, rain, wind, snow…doesn’t matter.


5.  Seedless Blackberry Cobbler

Mmmm…more cobbler.

Seedless Blackberry Cobbler

4.  Homemade Vanilla Extract

This is the best and so easy. My sister and I just started another batch of extract after we used up our supply on holiday treats.

Homemade Vanilla Extract

3.  15 Things I Don’t Pay for Anymore

Yes, I’m still paying for a daughter in college and therefore, continue to add things to this list.


2.  Happy Birthday, Mom!

This one was a surprise. What started as a little note to my Mom on her 70th birthday, has made it’s way to the number 2 spot on my top posts this year. Moms pretty much rock, right?

Happy Birthday Mom

1.  Beer Cheese Soup

Clearly the only thing that could possibly beat out a Mom for the top spot.  This is the yummiest soup and is far and away the most popular post of the year.  We’ve been enjoying it for several years (read “football seasons”) and it freezes well, too.

Beer Cheese Soup

Thank you again for making 2014 amazing!  Happy New Year!