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Bacon Cinnamon Muffins

Bacon Cinnamon Muffins

I just don’t know how Sunday morning goes by so quickly.  I feel like I get up, have coffee, read a little and suddenly it’s after 10 a.m. and no one has had breakfast. This recipe is really easy and a great stand-by for a regular weekend or nice enough […] Read more…

Balsamic Strawberry Jam

Balsamic Strawberry Jam

Thank you to my friend Kate over at Food Babbles! In the height of summer with plump strawberries everywhere I knew I wanted to make them into jam before they’re all gone and the cold weather sets in. And you all know me, what do I love with my strawberries? […] Read more…

Fresh Fig Preserves

fresh fig preserves

Let me just get this out of the way right here at the beginning…I love figs. I love the taste. I love the color. I love the sentimentality. Unfortunately, most people have only been exposed to figs via the fig newton.  Folks, this is not a fig.  I have no […] Read more…

Frugal Challenge: Homemade Laundry Detergent-Powder

homemade laundry detergent

  The Challenge: Significantly reduce the cost of washing clothes. The Solution: Give up the wonderful smell and convenience of my favorite detergent and make one from scratch that will work just as well. OK, I’m not that thrilled about this one, but dang! Laundry detergent is expensive!  I’ve read […] Read more…

Quick and Easy Cobbler

Quick and Easy Cobbler

My mom used to make this for us when I was growing up.  On a weeknight! I knew she really loved us when the cobbler, still warm from the oven, landed on our dining table. She’d add a dollop of whipped cream or some ice cream and we’d all giggle […] Read more…

Hula Hoop is the Word

We had a 50’s-themed luncheon at my office a couple of months ago and, as a member of the Hospitality Committee, it was my job to pick up 25 hula hoops from one of our local elementary schools.  The day of the party, we used the brightly colored rings to […] Read more…

Shoepeg Corn Salad

shoepeg corn salad

Hummingbird Cake

hummingbird cake

Best Ever Onion Dip

onion dip

An Investigation of the Art of Frugal Living

As I contemplate the effects of my sweet daughter’s tremendous student loans on my future, I find the need to take on the challenge of living more frugally. My first step is this…defining what begin frugal means to me.  What is it and how will it fit in my world? […] Read more…

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