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Easy Ideas for Valentine’s Day Gifts – 18 DIY Roses

18 Roses You Can Make

Don’t we all love roses for Valentine’s Day? Not just getting them, either. I really love giving flowers for most anything. The main thing that stops me, though, is the cost. This year, I’ve been on a mission to find some new ways to create beautiful flowers that don’t break the bank. That way, I can make and give Valentine’s Day gifts to everyone!

Here are some of my favorites, so far.  What are yours?

Strawberry Roses

How to cut strawberry roses | ashandcrafts.com

Jolly Rancher Candy Roses

Valentine's Day Gifts

Felt Roses

Valentine's Day Gifts

Plastic Spoon Roses

Brilliant Repurposing Project: How to Make Roses out of Plastic Spoons

Valentine Rose Lollipops

Valentine Rose Lollipops - CreativeMeInspiredYou.com

Strawberry Rose Bouquet

How to make strawberry roses!

Pretty Paper Roses

diy paper flowers

Duct Tape Roses

Valentine's Day Gifts

Quick and Easy Paper Roses

Valentine's Day Gifts

Easy Crocheted Roses

free easy crochet rose pattern

Hershey Kisses Roses

Hershey's Kisses Roses from MomOnTimeout.com

Printing Roses with a Celery Stalk

Valentine's Day Gifts

Apple Rose Tarts

mini rose apple pie recipe on fmitk.com

Money Rose

Valentine's Day Gifts

Coffee Filter Roses (several tutorials here)

 Making DIY Coffee Filter Flowers: The Complete Guide

Rose Lollipops with Cupcake Wrappers

Valentine's Day Gifts

Egg Carton Roses

DIY Beautiful Roses from Upcycled Egg Carton Box

Baked Potato Roses

Beautiful Baked Potato Roses

What kinds of Valentine’s Day gifts are you giving this year?