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15 Places to Find Coupons and 8 Great Couponing Sites

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A couple of times a year, there is a Parent Academy held in our county. It offers parents a variety of classes – from how to help kids study to floral arranging to resume writing.  I host a class called Couponing 101.  These days, as you might imagine, it’s always a full house!

I hand out index cards at the beginning of class for participants to jot down their burning questions that we tackle at the end of the class. The most frequently asked question is, without a doubt, where to find coupons to shop with. Surely if so many just in my hometown are confused about good coupon resources, then others must be, too.

In a time when we’re all trying to stretch our dollars, couponing is a great way to slash your grocery bill.

Coupon Resources

1. The BEST source of coupons is a newspaper!

Newspapers will carry manufacturer coupons that can be used at almost any store. ALWAYS be sure to check the newspaper for the correct amount of inserts so you don’t buy an empty paper.

Get an early start!  To find a PREVIEW of what will be in the Sunday paper visit  www.sundaycouponpreview.com  If you see lots of coupons you can use, but several papers that week. If it doesn’t look too exciting, just get one or even none.  Heads up! There are typically no coupon inserts on holiday weekends.  The exception seems to be when  the holiday falls on the first weekend of the month, then you’ll see the just Proctor & Gamble coupons.

2.  Printable manufacturer coupons from online sources:

www. RedPlum.com

www.ppgazette.com – this site aggregates several popular coupon sites in one place!

3. Manufacturer – contact them by email and request coupons.

4. Magazines – All You magazine is wonderful for coupons. You also get lots of money-saving and time-saving tips.

5. Blinkies and Tearpads found in the store – grab ’em if you’ll use ’em!

6. eCoupons to your store’s loyalty card

7. Store Flyers

8. eBay – what out for expiration dates here.

9. Coupon clipping services like www.thecouponclippers.com

10. Friends and Family – Ask them to save their leftovers. As soon as you make it known that you’d like them, you won’t beleive how they just start appearing!

11. Trade groups – Looks for trading forums on Hot Coupon World and A Full Cup (links below.) Also, you can get together with a group of friends to swap coupons.  Gather a diverse group – a pet owner, a mom with a baby, an older friend, single friend, etc.  That way everyone will be looking for different things.

12. Email

13. Facebook – “Like” the pages of your favorite companies then watch for high value coupons.

14. In-Store giveaways

15. Accompanying free samples


Learn more from couponing websites:














Planning is the key to saving $$$!

These are my favorites. If you know of a great site or if you ARE a great couponing site, let all of know in the Comments and we’d love to add you to the list!