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10 Tips for Shopping at Home Goods (Guest Post) #DailyDoseofDesign

While my daughter and I are travelling, I’m very fortunate that my friend Adriana from Daily Dose of Design  has agreed to be a guest writer on the Nest during the month of May.  You’ll really enjoy her tips, recipes and fabulous “designer eye”! Be sure to visit and connect with her on social media (links at the end.) Daily Dose of Design is a blog you’ll want to read every day!   

Are you a Home Goods fan?  Here are some tips and tricks to taking full advantage of what they have to offer.


Home Goods

Anyone who knows me knows that I am always redecorating/designing something in the house. I don’t think I’ll ever actually be done – because of my obsession with new pieces and with design! But I sort of like it that way, the constant change keeps a room fresh, but sometimes the price tag on new furniture and décor can put redecorating continuously and so much, on hold.

There’s so many stores I love to get home décor; Pottery Barn, ZGallerie, Pier 1 Imports, Arhaus, One Kings Lane, Joss and Main and most importantly…Home Goods! Depending on the Home Goods near you, you may have a really big selection like I do! If that’s the case, it’s pretty intimidating when you first walk in – I get anxious and never know where to start!


Here are some tips for having a successful shopping trip at Home Goods:

1. Don’t skip any aisles!

Home Goods usually isn’t the most organized place…so make sure you check every single aisle! 9 times out of 10, I find a piece I love in an aisle that I would least expect! Keep a certain color palette in mind or just what kind of thing you’re looking for and you’ll likely find the perfect piece!

2. If there’s a piece you love, get it!

Even if you don’t think you have a spot for it yet but love it, buy it! Trust me it will not be there when you are ready for it, as Home Goods gets new shipments weekly!

New Inventory

3. Go often

Call me crazy but I try my best to get there once a week! That’s likely why I have such an addiction at this point, but there is always a store full of brand new things every single week that I go! Don’t be afraid to ask a sales associate when their new shipments come in, too. This varies by store, but gives you a good idea of when to check back for new items!

4. All about the price tag

Very often, I see pieces online that I love but that are just SO overpriced (oops) or too expensive for what I’m willing to spend on something. Times like these are when you should check Home Goods!! I cannot tell you how many pieces I have from ZGallerie, but bought at Home Goods for less than half the price. For example:

Price Tags

Comparing Prices at Home Goods


Compare Prices


5. More than meets the eye

Large pieces of art and mirrors are usually sprawled across the shelving; sometimes leaving some pretty awesome pieces hidden behind the monster sized ones. Always check behind big pieces! I cannot stress that enough – almost every single piece I’ve bought here was hidden away!


6. Proportions matter

Is there a lamp you love, but not sure if it’s too big or small for the spot you’re thinking you’ll display it? Take it to the furniture section and place it on a table close to the size of yours – this gives you a better idea of what’ll look best!

7. Too many shades!

If you have a newly painted room or a specific room color/palette, make sure you bring some sort of representation of that color – a paint swatch, sample, pillow, etc. to the store so you can match up accessories and décor to your color.

8. Last minute gifts

There is very likely the perfect gift for just about anyone you’re shopping for at Home Goods! Some items to note that they always have:
– Vases and bowls from foreign countries (Italy, India, Portugal are ones I see often)


– A never ending selection of candles that come in different sizes and colors

Candles Home Goods
– Wall art – a must!
– The kids department always has the cutest décor for girls and boys – and even toys!
– Finally, check the stationary department for the prettiest wrapping paper you’ll ever lay your eyes on!

9. Waiting on the price to change

Although I don’t recommend it if it’s something you MUST have, sometimes items that don’t sell within the time that a new shipment arrives, gets priced down and moved to the clearance section. Like that decorative glass vase you’ve had your eye on that would look perfect in your living room, but SO isn’t worth the $49.99 that they’re asking. If it seems too expensive to you, it’s likely it will be to other customers too. So if it’s something you’re willing to leave in the clearance god’s hands, give it a shot!

10. Never overlook the small stuff

So you’ve covered the entire store, have a cart full of amazing finds and tell yourself you won’t spend another dollar, right? WRONG! In my opinion, you almost always find some of the best things in the smallest, least likely (or so you thought) places! I can’t even begin to describe how many times I find the cutest things on the shelves while waiting to check out. This is nothing but good a strategic marketing strategy – making you spend more while you wait to pay! However you should never underestimate these cluttered shelves. They often have some of the best things!

HomeGoods Check Out

I hope you find these tips helpful and may the Home Goods gods be with you on your next shopping trip! Also, if you haven’t already, download the Home Goods app for your phone. While it still has some bugs to be fixed, you can select a store(s) based on your location and have an instant feed of the new gems that are brought into your neighborhood store! I love this app and am guilty of refreshing it multiple times daily! Although it is quite helpful, especially if you’re looking/waiting for something specific!

Here’s some of my favorite and recent Home Goods finds!

Recent Find Home Goods











Recent Finds Home Goods


About Adriana

My name is Adriana and I’m the writer behind Daily Dose of Design! I’m 20 years old living in New York – majoring in marketing but have a passion for interior design. I consider my blog to be an every day fashion, design and lifestyle blog and have so much fun being a blogger!

I love meeting new people and always love hearing from readers, whether it’s to stop by and say hi, a blog post idea or collaboration suggestion, please feel free to contact me!